on the border between Lower Langa and Monferrato regions

Our winery is located in Castiglione Tinella, within the Province of Cuneo, between the Lower Langa and the Monferrato Regions. Rolling hills almost completely covered in vineyards are visible as far as the eye can see and make Castiglione Tinella one of the liveliest towns in Italy. The cliffs running down towards the valleys Tinella and Belbo frame the vineyards and the wood patches, creating a unique landscape.


Besides our properties in Castiglione Tinella, we bought plots of land in the best areas of the Langhe and Monferrato region.
Barolo: Properties in Fossati.
La Morra: Properties in Sant'Anna.
Serralunga d'Alba: Properties in Serra.
Neive: Properties in Montubert, properties in Serra Capelli and proprieties in Starderi.
Castagnole Lanze: Bricco del Sole, properties in Collina Susasco and Moncucco.
Mombercelli: Properties in Bricco Moncucco.
Vinchio: Properties in Cascinotto and Fabaro.
Treiso: Properties in Ausario.

Azienda Agricola ICARDI - Map of Langhe and Monferrato

The “Cru”

For centuries, France has been protecting its best terroir defining their products as "cru", a word that certifies the production of particularly prestigious wines. Italy doesn't have the same hierarchical classification but smaller areas within Designation of Origin regions can be defined as Additional Geographic Mentions. In relation to this, 2015 marked a turning point for our company. In fact, after twenty years, 2015 exclusive harvesting of grapes grown in Neive and Barolo was certified by Additional Geographic Mentions. Therefore, starting in 2018 we will be able to put our Barbaresco DOCG "Starderi" on the market and, from the following year, we will produce our Barolo DOCG "Fossati".

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