Over one hundred years
of history


Lino Icardi started up our company in Castiglion Tinella. The wine was produced for family use only and exceeding grapes were given away. A century of history has a meaning in itself.

Azienda Agricola ICARDI - Wine bottles


The year that our “historical” wine production license dates back to.

Azienda Agricola ICARDI - Tastings wine bottles

The Sixties

That is when Mr. Pierino started selling his wine. Quality needs to be acknowledged and appreciated.

Azienda Agricola ICARDI - Icardi's barrique

Over 40

The number of Claudio’s grape harvests carried out every year, with love, care, and passion. It’s because of these strong ties to the environment that each wine expresses the authenticity of the terroir.

Azienda Agricola ICARDI - Mani Claudio Icardi


The number of years we’ve been practicing a form of agriculture inspired by the principles of natural products and sustainability. We do not use synthetic chemical products, but aim to get the most out of the company’s internal resources, reducing external inputs.

Azienda Agricola ICARDI - Sovescio Icardi

About 360.000

The bottles of wine we make each year. Because numbers don't say it all but they mean something.

Azienda Agricola ICARDI - Vasche acciaio

Icardi today


The percentage of wines we sell abroad, from our total production. Because we want to bring Langhe to the world,and for the world to know Langhe.

About 600

The total number of casks, barrels, and 50hl barriques our company uses. Because we want to allow the terroir to express itself through the wine.


The number of days Mariagrazia spends abroad, promoting our wines. Because wine expresses itself through sensations, to those who know how to listen, even if they speak a different language.


The kilometers of vines that we care for by hand until the grape harvest, while respecting the environment to get the best results from the terroir.

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