Our company has grown significantly since Lino Icardi planted the first grapevine more than a century ago. Back then it was all about a small number of wine rows.
At first, most of the harvested grapes were sold to the wine industry while the Icardi family kept just a few grapes to make their own wine. Today, we produce about 360.000 bottles of wine every year.
At the time, there we worked without steel, just a few casks in which the wine aged. Today we have about 600 barriques, tonneaux and barrels which can contain 50 hectoliters and are made of lightly toasted oak, in which we age our wines.


Today, as well as in the past, we still believe that the wine production happens in the vineyard more than in the cellar. We deeply respect the cycle of the seasons and the rhythms of nature. For this reason we naturally follow the vineyards growing cycles and let flowers and plants grow between our grape rows. We do not use nitrogen fertilisers but allow plants to naturally fix the nitrogen in the soil. We do not employ either herbicides or pesticides . We improve the fertility of our soil through green manure. We believe in thinning our vineyards, leaving behind only the best grapes, even when that means reducing our final production. We allow shoots to grow freely without forcing them into place. We carry out our work in full respect and protection of the environment we live in and we do that keeping hectares of uncultivated woods to foster animal and plant biodiversity. We make genuine wines, as we are genuine people. We are proud farmers who have stayed true to their old traditions, keeping a strong bond with the soil.

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